Scottech Oilfield Services is also able to support with decanter centrifuges and a high speed separators, both manufactured by Pieralisi, a family owned Italian manufacturing business, established in 1888.

The group’s wide experience and know-how, originally in the olive oil sector, led Pieralisi to offer centrifugal force as an optimal solution to production processes in a wide range of food-processing and industrial areas. As a result, it is now one of the world leaders in centrifugal separation technology.

The Pieralisi decanter centrifuges and separators are a modern standard in many sectors, including: Municipal and industrial WWTP, abattoirs, oil and gas, chemical, manure treatment, Cruise ships, digested Biomass and tank cleaning.

Pieralisi has already supplied and installed a large number of machines in diversified applications across Australia, from olive oil to Biodiesel, potato washing water to abattoirs.

Down-time in many industries, particularly the resources sector, is costly and time consuming, so Scottech Oilfield Services has committed to hold an extensive range of spare parts on stock for the decanters and separators. So any exchange of replacement parts can be provided in a minimum period of time.

In addition, Pieralisi has joint-ventured to work together with Scottech Oilfield Services to support and serve the existing and potential new customers in Australia, and ensure the best solutions and service are provided.

As a result, Scottech Oilfield Services will have experienced personnel within the Waste Water treatment and centrifuge market and well trained service engineers to support clients and conduct servicing requirements on the equipment.

This will ensure Scottech Oilfield Services will have a unique place in the decanter centrifuge market in Australia, and will be able, together with Pieralisi, to offer clients a total solution for the reduction of sludge disposal and waste water costs.

When you are looking for any advice or solutions for your waste water problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to offer you a suitable solution.


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