Chemical injection in drilling fluids during operation:

When there is a need for MeOH (Methanol), Corrosion inhibitor, Emulsifier, Scale inhibitor, Biocides and other products for temporary injection during drilling operation.

Chemical injection on Producing Installations:

Temporarily need for Corrosion inhibitor, Emulsifier, Scale inhibitor, Biocides and other products were temporary injection is a need.

Flushing of topside chemical lines:

At times, there is a need for flushing chemical lines to rinse them or flush through if there has been contamination in the system or if there is a change of product that is to go through. This pump is suited to this type of work with a high flow, high pressure capacity. Also, normal to use these pumps after a revision on topside systems to make sure there are no barriers to the fluid that is going to flow these lines.

Flushing of umbilical lines in subsea systems: 

In operations where there are lines that needs to be flushed out for changing chemicals, because of maintenance purposes or other reasons. 

Full scale testing of new products

In cases where you are to test a new product full scale, but are not willing to do this through the main system these pump systems are suited to use as a temporary injection source. This way you have the spare working and the regular as a standby with the old product if needed. 

Flushing of Hydraulic systems

After maintenance work, have been performed on hydraulic systems it is common knowledge that the system needs to be flushed to avoid contamination or slag from maintenance work. These kinds of pumps are suitable for this purpose and with a pre-filter on the pumps they can also provide the fluid with a NAS-class cleaning quality.

Leakage testing

If there is needs to do testing on lines that are working on higher pressure, this pump is suitable to provide this kind of testing for leakage. 

This product range is a flexible range which we have used for different purposes in drilling or in production. By experience these have been reliable for multiple different operations by most companies here in Australia in field operations, offshore and onshore were there have been need for injection pumps for temporary use. Scottech have based the set-up of the pump and pump supplier based on experience with clients and reliability on the product.



Technical Specifications

Sizes (L x W x H)
920 x 1100 x 1250 mm

Weight (empty)
233 kg

Maximum Flow Rate
11.5 l/m each, total 11.5 x2 l/m 

Maximum Working Pressure
1000 Bar/ 14500 psi

Maximum Air Consumption 
7000 L/min (ANR)

Maximum Working Temperature

Inlet & Outlet
2” Camlock, Customers choice

Pneumatic Pump
2 X Maximator type GX-100

Claw-coupling US type, 2-lugs or 4-lugs

Seal Package

Material Pumps and Piping
SS 316 L

Material Frame
SS 316 L

Interconnecting Piping
SS 316 L

Standard Instruments
Work/Operational gauge 0 - 1000 Bar


Product Sheet