This unit is designed to filter fluids with cartridges only. Each vessel holds 50ea 40” cartridges. The unit is constructed to perform after the same principle as pervious units. Only in this case the work environment for the worker, which is operating the unit, is much more taken care off. Also saving of rig time is always in focus when designing new equipment. A large quantity of bolts to open the lids, are removed and replaced by lugs and a hydraulic cylinder. These bolts were very hard to open due to the environment they were standing in like brine and salt water. Before it took the operator many minutes with hard work to open the lid, which today is done in seconds without manpower at all.

Then the opening and the closing of the lid itself has also been a problem due to the weight of the lid and alignments. This has now been eliminated with a hydraulic cylinder, which raise and lower the lid. All together the new unit shorten the work process during changing cartridges with more than 30 minutes with less manpower.



Technical Specifications